HRSSI's Day of Sharing is an introductory engagement designed to deliver high-value recommendations for a low fixed-fee investment. While no two Day of Sharing engagements are exactly alike (because no two client situations are exactly alike), here's how it typically works:


  • HRSSI and the client talk by phone to confirm the client's situation and desired objectives to agree upon the agenda and parties to be involved. This includes confirming that the Day of Sharing is appropriate for the situation.
  • The client completes HRSSI's HR Service Delivery Practices Survey, which not only provides HRSSI with key baseline information but also provides the client with access to the practice benchmarking report. (Note: The survey typically takes 30 minutes or less to complete, assuming the individual completing the survey has ready access to the information being requested.)
  • HRSSI prepares presentation materials based on the agreed-upon agenda and priorities
  • Client handles on-site logistics, invitations, etc.

On Site

  • HRSSI's founder and principal consultant, Jim Scully, facilitates a full-day, two-way information sharing session covering:
    • Key tends and insights from HRSSI's comprehensive research databases
    • Thought-leading perspectives and practice trends
    • Basic understanding the the client's HR service delivery environment, including:
      • Enabling technologies used
      • General operating model characteristics and processes
      • Pain points and successes
      • Known model deficiencies/frustrations
  • Facility tour (if valuable and appropriate)
  • Real-time Q&A and summary observations


  • HRSSI develops report in memo format outlining:
    • Key discovery items
    • Observations
    • Potential improvement areas
    • Strategic and tactical recommendations

Fixed Fee Pricing and Guarantee

Because HRSSI has conducted many Day of Sharing engagements with consistently great client feedback, we are prepared to offer it as a fixed $5,000 engagement (plus travel and out-of-pocket expenses) with a guarantee. If you do not feel the Day of Sharing provided value commensurate of the fee, we will refund the entire fee (sorry, not out-of-pocket expenses). This is not a credit against future billings, rather a true, non-stipulated refund. We will formalize this offer in our engagement level, even though no company has ever taken us up on it.