Research Services

research is at The heart of hrssi


When we founded HRSSI in 2008, our first priority was to begin gathering real practice data. We recognized that the industry lacked detailed benchmark data on how shared services organizations were structured, operated and technologically enabled. We knew that if we expected to be a trusted partner we needed to offer this and promptly launched our first HR Delivery Practices Survey, which remains the most comprehensive and detailed study of HR service delivery practices available.

HRSSI also conducts topic-specific research, either as an extension of our practices research or as client-commissioned work. Regardless, all participating organizations receive the findings at no cost to encourage participation and to reward participants' time investment. Here are a few examples of commissioned research topics:

  • Detailed compensation administration activity analysis
  • Measurement & metrics in use survey
  • Comparative analysis of ADA accommodation policies and practices
  • Event-specific activity analysis (RIF, Open Enrollment, Year End, etc.)

Check out or Open Studies page to see if there are any current research efforts in which you can participate. You also can find examples of past findings report on the Study Findings page.