Natural Intelligence: a blog about HR in the digital era

Occasionally, I'm sufficiently unsure whether the online agent I'm "chatting" with is human or AI assistant (bot), I've actually asked. So far, all I've questioned have either been human or very clever human-impersonating bots. I suppose I'll never know.


I'm not technically trained for apt, for that matter, yet for some reason I spend a lot of my time learning and talking about HR technology. Twenty-four years ago, shortly after finishing my graduate management degree, I took a freelance change management assignment to pay the bills. The company, Georgia-Pacific, would be one of the first U.S. organizations to go live with SAP HCM (then called R/3) and implement an SAP-centric HR shared services operating model. That decision defined the rest of my career; thus I spend my time today learning and talking about technology driven HR service delivery functions. 

I began this blog by calling it, simply, "blog," realizing that was like naming a dog Dog, but I honestly didn't know what the blog would be about, other than technology driven HR service delivery, naturally. But my musings, the stuff of blogs, kept returning to questions about the impact of digitization on HR Service Delivery. So, I changed the name from Blog to Natural Intelligence, a playful way of contrasting the blog's contents with bot-produced content. It's this blogger's way of checking the box confirming that I am not a robot.

Not every blog post will pertain directly to digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI), I can promise you that every post will address their implications. Frankly, how could they not? We'll talk about:

  • Where AI is going (and where it's probably not);
  • What companies are doing with digital HR and IA (and what they're not);
  • The shifting vendor landscape in HRIT
  • How digitization is changing organization structure and methods
  • ...and whatever else comes to mind.

I hope you enjoy Natural Intelligence and find it worth sharing with colleagues and co-workers. If you have ideas for things you'd like discussed, or if you have a blog you'd like us to share, let me know at